SEO, or Search Engine Optimization deals with organic or “free” traffic to your site. This is done by several methods such as creating links, keywords, removing broken pages (dead links), local search and image search. With these methods plus others, our goal is to achieve a higher ranking page as well as traffic that converts to revenue.


SMM, or Social Media Management creates the “engagement” part of the consumer relationship. By setting up pages such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook; the business will be able to reach new and potential consumers that could lead to purchases. Also, social media allows advertising channels and market funnels to make sure we are not wasting time on non-useful methods.


In today’s market, you should utilize mobile marketing as to almost everyone in the world has a mobile phone. Using this multi-channel method requires a strategy that presents itself to users as readily as there phone is handy.  It allows users or potential consumers to be reached by habits, visits, and promotions in a instant.


Content marketing brings together material that is relevant to its user. It creates an almost personalized experience and is used to answer the questions that can lead to revenue conversion.


Remember, consumers love to receive promotions or hear about your latest product before everyone else does. This strategy can be used through Email Marketing. Sending out an general email won’t get the job done! Therefore, your business would need to have a course of action and we can help thru a planned email campaign.


PPC, or Pay Per Click is a ad promotion that is paid for by paying for “use” of keywords along with landing pages to get your site ranked higher as well generate sales. You may see “sponsored links” or “sponsored ads” on search engines that come from pay per click advertising.

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